NeXtraction Inc., is the leading non-toxic producer of natural, adulterant-free phytocannabinoid ingredients derived from hemp for makers of novel consumer biologics and bio-pharmaceutical research applications. 

Through innovative, environmentally friendly solvent-free Water Extracted Technology and ongoing research and intellectual property development, NeXtraction is established as a trusted, industry source of pure, unadulterated acidic cannabinoids such as CBDa (cannabidiolic acid) and CBGa (cannabigerolic acid).   

In addition to continuous, on-site lab research, NeXtraction collaborates with some of the most acclaimed academic and private scientific research organizations in the U.S., and EU, providing customer-partners great depth in current, collaborative knowledge from which to draw when conducting research and formulary development. 

NeXtraction is a privately held, triple-bottom-line enterprise formed with intentional commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and financial profitability.

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