water extraction technology

NeXtraction’s groundbreaking, industrial water extraction technology system (patent pending) highly concentrates pure, non-decarboxylated, full spectrum phytocannabinoids and essential, accompanying phytocompounds, without the use of environmentally damaging hydrocarbons. 

Production in One Pass

NeXtraction concentrated, full spectrum Acidic Precursor Phytocannabinoid Base Ingredient is produced in a single pass of biomass, without need of environmentally and financially deleterious impacts which accompany post-production processing.

Fresh from the Field Processing

Biomass may be processed fresh from the field, eliminating the costly and environmentally demanding need of additional infrastructure and energy consumption for drying and curing, in addition to freeing-up of arable land for higher and greater use. 

Reuse and Recycle

Utilized water is recycled with minimal tertiary waste. 

No Disruptive Hydrocarbons

Minus the use of hydrocarbons and the concurrent release of greenhouse gasses, NeXtraction’s water extraction technology sets the standard for low environmental-impact hemp extraction processing.